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City Vaults

City Vaults is one of the premier privately owned safe deposit locker facilities with state of the art technologies in Delhi, Started with a mission to serve the desired security-related needs of its customers and provide them peace of mind by keeping their valuables safe and secure. City Vaults has backing of a large media and industry conglomerate operating for over 80 years.

City Vaults strives itself in serving the needs of its prestigious customers with an unblemished record and persistent demand of its precious and satisfied customers.

Benefits at City Vaults

Complete Security

  • To be truly safe, a vault must be unassailable from every direction which includes walls, floors, roofs, slabs, and doors.
  • Equipment and Know-hows provided only by the most reliable and famous name in the security business, namely, Godrej.
  • Steel-reinforced walls.
  • 65mm hammer, drill, oxyacetylene flame, explosive, fire and burglar resisting alarm vault door. Whereas, banks generally use a Banker's Quality Door which is cheaper and less secure.
  • 24 hours round-the-clock security with armed guards.
  • Each locker has a dual control lock and no one key can open a second lock of the locker. There is no duplicate key of the customer's key.
  • Burglar Alarm System.

Sheer Convenience

  • Our aim is to provide our valued customer's with a system that meets with their absolute convenience.
  • We believe that you must be given the best possible services.
  • Open Monday to Saturday and unlike most banks which operate lockers for part of the day. City Vaults is open from 9:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. in Summer and 10:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M in Winters.
  • Efficient, personalized service.
  • Minimum of formalities with no need to open a current/saving/FD A/c with us.
  • Air-conditioned premises in very pleasant and clean surroundings.
  • Fully clean dust free envioroment.
  • Provides privacy with no walking through corridors and waiting in queues.
  • Open on most bank holidays.

Reliable Company

  • City Vaults is the safest deposit vault in New Delhi.
  • The Company is managed by professionals with over 85 years of experience in the various industries, media, education and real estate services and the group has been providing quality offices and services to its multinational customers.

Five Different Locker Sizes

  • To meet the varying needs of each customer, we offer a range of 5 different locker sizes.
  • As a special feature to meet your needs of storing all your valuables, we also offer large sized lockers (CABIN BAGGAGE SIZE)
  • Lockers of three more sizes would also be offered shortly

Ideal Location

  • City Vaults is ideally located in Jhandewala Estate, Central Delhi. 2 more locations in Delhi are in the process of being established, which shall be operational in the near future.

About the lockers

Godrej Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets are protecting the valuables of millions of people, in around 10,000 vaults located all over the country. That's the kind of trust people have in Godrej. Not only bankers, but private safe deposit vault owners as well, have realized the pressing need for Godrej Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets.

Godrej Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets are designed to meet the most stringent specifications. They are manufactured in a modern, well - equipped plant - the largest of its kind in the country. Godrej's uncompromising quality standards and rigid processes result in manufacturing of Cabinets that are superior in all aspects - security, reliability, strength and aesthetics - to any other available in the market.