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NRIs have challenges in India for KYC, residence proof etc for banking and other financial puposes. Metrocity Vaults Pvt Ltd resolves all these challenges and makes a safe deposit vault or a locker easily available to them at reasonable cost, which is payable for 1 to 3 years at one time. They can also remit the payment from an overseas account for quick transfered. NRIs may contact on the email address or mobile or over WhatsApp to get the details of personal safe deposit lockers in various sizes and also drafting legal issues with related with inheritance or nomination by in house legal counsel of City Vaults on a chargeble basis.

City Vault’s legal team can provide documents and advise facilate to securing the physical side of wealth for its NRI clients.

Procedure for NRI opening safe deposit locker accounts with Metrocity Vaults:

KYC of the NRI is needed for opening operations as per the RBI Guidelines. This means that the persons of indian orgin residing outside India need to disclose identity and provide passport, PIO, OCI card details. Metrocity Vaults Pvt Ltd also requieres a local Indian connection for the safe deposit locker for ease of operations. Payment for annual rent, security deposit and documentation can be done online or deposited in partner international accounts of Metrocity Vaults Pvt. Ltd.
In case a person is of foreign origin and / or not resident of India, kindly email at info@cityvaults.in for details.

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