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Keep your valuables intact.

Wealth is earned by hard work,
some part of it is saved by us by taking some very hard decisions in life,
Hence, while selecting a custodian for one’s hard earned money 💰, one should not select any Vault provider below the BEST.
CITY VAULTS is providing medium to large sized Lockers.
About us:
 – Housed in our own very safe premises
 – air-conditioned fully carpeted and clean premises
 – safe basement with steel reinforced walls
– seismic, fire and anti-burglary alarms
– round the clock security by armed sentinels
– the safest vault room entrance door and Lockers manufactured by the No. 1 company in this field in India, viz. Godrej.
– valet parking
– we are providing a chair lift – a very helpful and hospitable staff.
– our timings are much longer than banks
– we are open on most bank holidays
– managed by an 80 years old conglomerate with very clean track record
– professional management. For more details, please visit or call 7428412999.