Home Signup Facility

Book Locker securely and secretly from the comfort of your home
City Vaults proudly presents a unique and unmatched facility for its Elite customers who are at a distance from us or those who are unable to visit City Vaults, due to age, occupancy, disability or time — the facility of opening a locker from the comfort of your home at a very nominal one time service charge of Rs.17,500/- plus the actual locker charges.

The facility is only available for large size lockers.
The lockers on this offer are

Size G 7.44” X 20.83” X 23.5” (height X breadth X depth)
Size L 15.91” X 20.83” X 23.5” (height X breadth X depth)
Size L2 15.16” X 20.83” X 23.5” (height X breadth X depth)

All you have to do is give a call to us on +917428412999 to place your request and an authorized representative from City Vaults will visit you at your convenient day and time with all the required documents to be filled and will assist you in completing all the formalities viz. Collection of photocopy of ID and address proof of the locker holder/s, photograph, filling of documents, signing the agreement, locker allotment, etc. If required, you can also give a letter of authority in the name of any person from your family, to operate on your behalf along with his/her ID and photograph. Anytime in the future, when you wish to operate your locker, you can send the person with a letter of authority and he/she can operate the locker on your behalf.

For more information, please feel free to call us. We are just a call away from you.